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This page offers you many other sources of information that will add to your knowledge of model rocketry. Some of the suggestions on this page are in printed form, but many others are web pages that have an awful lot to offer. Take some time to browse some of the links below. If you're short on time, go to the sites and save them as rocketry bookmarks. Enjoy.

BOOKSRocketry Books & Reading

There are a number of good books on the topic of model rocketry. Here are a few of my favorites:

Visit your local library to see if you can find some other titles that interest you.


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Model Rocket Manufacturers

We are very lucky to have a number of manufacturers of rockets and rocket kits in the United States. Here are links to some of the kit makers that you might want to purchase your kits from. While these links will take you directly to the manufacturers pages, many of these companies sell their products through distributors or hobby shops or online stores. You can use their home pages to figure out which kit you're interested in then go find the kit locally or on the web.



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Organizations & Clubs

Sometimes the best way to get started in a new hobby is to find other people that enjoy it and are knowledgeable on the topic. These links will take you to web pages that have tons of useful information. And many will point you towards people in your area that know a lot about this sport. Most of these folks would be more than happy to help a newcomer to the hobby, so give them a call or send an email and get yourself started.....



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Rocketry Links

There is a huge amount of information on the sport of model rocketry available on the web. The links below are but a sampling of some of the content that I've come across. Use you favorite search engine (AltaVista or Google, for example) to find more information specific to your needs. If you find links that you think belong on this list, send us an email with the subject "Rocket Links".


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